The Sky’s the limit…Are you ready for your career to take off?

At MARS Recruitment we are in the business of building long term careers, not finding short-term quick fixes.

If your career has hit a brick wall, or simply reached a point where you are looking for a new challenge, then we will work with you to find the perfect next building block in your long-term career plan.

To us, candidates are people, not just CV’s, so the opportunity to speak or meet with you is important. At MARS Recruitment we use technology to enable great customer service and personal attention, not to take its place.

You will always get a call and you will always get our attention, but equally we won’t bombard you or send you endless, irrelevant marketing emails.

Recruitment isn’t a numbers game to us. We match candidates so closely to the roles we select for that we only send the CV’s of those candidates that we are confident could do the role well.  This means that the interview process is often more of a chemistry test than anything else.

And we don’t just get you a job offer, we make sure you get the right job offer by supporting you throughout the process; from helping you get your CV in shape and offering interview guidance to supporting you in managing counter offers.

We often recruit off-market, so even if you don’t see your dream role on our site, give us a call as we may be talking to a client about a vacancy that would be a perfect match for your career.

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