Are you planning on living it up at your work’s Christmas party? You might be thinking…

How much should I drink?

What do I say to my boss?  What mustn’t I say to my boss?!

What should I wear?

Office Christmas parties can be a social minefield, so how do you survive without any mishaps? Read on for our do’s and don’ts:


Turn up!

Mingle and acknowledge all your co-workers and talk to people you wouldn’t normally talk to. Tis the time to be brave and step out of your comfort zone!

Let your hair down!

This is time to have fun and reward yourself for your hard work over the last year and celebrate with your colleagues!


Say thank you

A lot of work probably went in to organising your Christmas party so don’t forget to say thank you, especially to your boss if they’re paying! If this is your first Christmas party with your organisation, some genuine enthusiasm is great, but careful to overdo it on the gushy comments!

Wear the right outfit

Now this will depend on venue and theme, feeling comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing should be balanced with appropriate. Ladies, it’s probably best to leave your short, tight, skimpy or revealing clothing at home and save it for another party that doesn’t involve work colleagues.


Go crazy on the booze!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, but careful it’s not too merry…Depending on your alcohol tolerance, of course it’s ok to have a few drinks, it’s a party after all! But not to EXCESS! Let your personality shine but you may not want to go as wild as you would with your close friends.

Gents, if you’re struggling to keep up, discreetly ask the bar man for an alcohol-free beer, and ladies, try a tonic instead of a gin and tonic.


Talk about work!

Work might be the most obvious topic to discuss but encourage your co workers to switch off ‘work mode’ and take the opportunity to get to know each other on a personal level.

Santa is always watching!

Leave the beer goggles at home and think twice before swooping in for a kiss under the mistletoe or declaring your undying love for a colleague. Put the prosecco down, say cheerio and jump in your taxi alone! You can thank us later.


Leave office politics behind

Don’t be a scrooge! Christmas is a time of good will and celebration, not venting frustrations or complaining about your co-worker’s strange lunch choices, or if they never wash their dirty coffee mugs! If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

Have fun and enjoy yourselves!


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