Life on Mars…

MARS Recruitment offers a recruitment service the way it should be done. Unashamedly traditional in our approach we get to know our clients and candidates in depth and make it our business to help you achieve your ambitions. Our aim is to build a long-term relationship with you because we are at our best when we are working to help a business grow or a talented individual to build a career. With ambitious growth plans we aim to keep personal relationships central to our values.

Disillusioned with the often impersonal, target-driven approach to modern recruitment, we established MARS Recruitment, a small team of enthusiastic and well-connected recruiters, driven by a passion for combining technology and business.

You may have heard about us from someone who has used our services. 80% of our business comes from recommendations and we appreciate that a referral to us from a trusted colleague is often far more meaningful to a potential client or candidate than picking a name out of a directory. For us, it’s also a positive signal that we’re getting our services right.

We are highly selective and only work with the best candidates and the most ambitious businesses, even if that means opting to not take on a particular candidate or vacancy. We are open and honest and will consult with both candidates and businesses if we feel their expectations from the job market are unrealistic.

Life on MARS

We also talk to all our candidates at length, in person where possible, before we agree to represent them to our clients.

Our aim is to give you our proper attention so that we can match genuinely talented and ambitious employees with businesses who will make the best use of their talents and help them to develop even further.

We spend time qualifying the jobs we are asked to select for, drilling down into what the organisation really needs, identifying the skillsets and experience that will best help them to get there.